Membership is open to anyone who owns a business or property in downtown Garland and/or holds office on the board of a nonprofit within the organization’s defined boundaries. Other individuals are invited to join as supporting members but do not have voting privileges.

Membership in the GDBA provides opportunities for sharing knowledge with other downtown business owners and gaining expertise from them. Members of the association are part of a community of people building strong, successful businesses while keeping downtown authentically historic.

Membership Benefits

  • Participation in the Downtown Wine Walk

  • Participation in the Friday The 13th Tattoo Flash/Block Party

  • Membership Monday Promotion on social media platforms

  • Business of The Month promotion on the website

  • Shares on multiple social media platforms

  • Name of business, address and links to social media on the GDBA website

  • Opportunity to hold an office on the GDBA board or be a Member At Large

  • Being a part of the strong downtown entrepreneurial community

  • Networking and referrals  



Wine Walk - Bi-anual

The Wine Walk is one of the biggest events that happens in Downtown Garland. As a member, you are eligible to participate as a Wine Stop. With an average of 300 tickets sold, this is a huge opportunity for more people to walk into your business. 


Friday The 13th Block Party

This event occurs every Friday the 13th with an opportunity stay open late. With your membership you are able to participate and come up with ideas on how to make this event HUGE. This event generates over 500 people. 



Merchant Mondays

With over 5000 Followers on Social Media we want to use our following to get people to know your business. Every Monday we do a write up on our Members so people are not just aware of what value your business brings but get to know YOU as a business owner. 


Personalized Business Videos

To make your business marketing more accessible we are going to start shooting Business Videos! These will be used on our website and anywhere else you'd like to use them! 

Meet Trayc Claybrook, Owner of The Frocksy
located at 510 Main street in Downtown Garland!