About Us

  • The Garland Downtown Business Association is dedicated to the promotion and success of downtown businesses and property owners.

  • The organization provides a cohesive voice for merchants and property owners while helping preserve the culture of the downtown area.

  • The activities of GDBA are intended to improve business conditions as well as increase business opportunities.

  • The downtown area is bounded on the north by Walnut Street, the south by Avenue D, the east by First Street and west by Garland Avenue.

Our Mission

  • To promote the business and culture of the Downtown Area

  • To create an atmosphere of pride and excitement in the Downtown Area

  • To grow the economic base of the Downtown Area

  • To connect members through open, informative,  and regular communication

  • To maintain dialogue with City Officials and Staff to ensure continued emphasis on the development and enhancement of the Downtown Area


*GDBA is a nonprofit recognized by the State of Texas and the Internal Revenue Service.

Board of Directors

Cary Hodson
Chair Person
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Lucas Cervellini
Co - Chair Person
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Karin Wiseman
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Trayc Claybrook
Kasha Watts
Membership & Marketing Coordinator
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